Its become vogue among certain neo-con and neo-fascist elements within the American Empire to refer to New China as the new Japan. Now not too much of fence should be taken out of this racist ignorant thinking. After all even under the revolutionary Mao Zedong, the Soviet Union was supposedly the new Nazi Germany and Red China supposedly the New Japan. Even tiny Vietnam was supposedly the new Jap even when she was simply struggling for her life on her own land against foreign imperialists. Thankfully the oppressed peoples and serfs of the American Empire saw through the facade. Blacks, Chicanos and even the conservative overseas Chinese saw that the attack on Vietnam and Red China was just an attack on colored folks everywhere. Instead of falling to foolish nationalism, the black revolution movement identified with the heroic Vietnamese and Chinese peoples.

Let us be clear- Red China is a very different breed of Asiatic. Compare their two victories against the white man both fought in Korea. While both victories in Korea were inspirations to colored people everywhere the differences are startling. To conquer Korea Japan commissioned the murder of the Korea Queen, who was raped and had her intestines lit on fire by brutal Japanese assassins. In the Russo-Japanese War which inspired even tiny villages in Africa and India which even a young Mao Zedong applauded, the Japanese brutally pillaged captured Chinese villages. They had learned well from the west but they seek ed only to become another member of the imperialist club. Look at the People's Volunteer Army in Korea. They intervene only when New China's very existence is threatened. They seek not a inch of territory in Korea. American prisoners are actually let go in hope that kindness will inspire revolt- this is no Red propaganda, General Ridgeway commander of all white forces in Korea speaks of it in his memoirs! The Reds do not blindly follow orders they do not launch suicidal banzai charges. They're army does not even have ranks, they're are nor orders only discussion. Every human life is cherished.

New China unlike Japan is a nation where authority comes from the bottom up, it is the social pyramid turned on its head. The white man looks to his victories in the Pacific War, and the 1980s trade war against Japan as signs that he will defeat this new Yellow Peril. But be warned white man- this is a yellow peril like one you have never faced. Colored people of the American Empire realize what your heroic fathers realized in making war against the most powerful colored nation it seeks to make war against all colored peoples of the world.

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