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Chinese Civil War
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Encirclement Campaigns (First - Second - Third - Fourth - Fifth) - Long March - Intermission - Shangdang Campaign - Longhai Campaign - Dingtao Campaign - Zhengtai Campaign - Liaoshen Campaign (Changchun - Jinzhou) - Huaihai Campaign - Pingjin Campaign - Island campaigns (Quemoy - Denbu - Nanri - Yijiangshan)

The Third Encirclement Campaign (Template:Zh-c) was the third campaign launched by the Chinese Nationalist Government in hope to destroy the Red Army in Jiangxi. It was launched less than a month after the previous campaign have failed. However, this encirclement was against repelled by the Red Army's Third Counter Encirclement Campaign (Template:Zh-c).

Prelude Edit

After the second encirclement campaign have failed, Chiang Kai-shek brought his British, Japanese and German military advisors and arrived at Nanchang, and took over the position as the chief commander of the campaign. Chiang appointed He Yinqin as the chief commander in the frontline, then organized 300,000 men and launched a larger scale campaign on the Jiangxi Soviets. On July 1, Chiang ordered the full assault in his Nanchang headquarter. The First Area Red Army at the time were away from their stronghold, spread around in northern and western part of Fujian and doing various fundraising and proprogating on the local civilians.


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