The great law givers invited into their ranks a little giant in 1987. Hardly five feet tall, Deng Xiaoping was a giant among nations. But perhaps his greatest acheivement was the creation of the General Principles of the Civil Law of the People's Republic of China. Brillant document! It exceeds the Napoleonic code in its sense of justice. It is the great document of law. Deng's code rivals, Hammurabi, Moses and Justinian in its grandeur. It is a law code that establishe liberty and order. Napoleon wished to be rememebred for nothing more than his Napoleonic Code. To conquer nations - bah! To conquer Justice- sublime! And yet Deng's code is no code at all. It is merely a set of principles. How fitting for Deng's life is nothing more than a set of principles tried in the most desperate of crucibles. Like Deng himself the law does not dictate a man's life, it does not force justice down a man's throat. It simply lays out the guidelines. It gently helps along thoose who seek the light. Show man the light and he will find his way! Oh Deng, he screams before the tyranny of the cosmos "Let justice be done though the world perish!" The best of all worlds. The judges can not be petty tyrants ruling with absolute power. But neither can a bundle of papers become a straightjacket that confines the destiny of a nation. No Civil Code on General Principles of Civil Law!

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