Articles relating to People's War and Military issuesEdit


Mao Tsetung: The Art of WarEdit

Korean War--June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953:Tearing Up the U.S. Paper Tiger in KoreaEdit

Chinese MarshalEdit

Encirclement CampaignsEdit

The Encirclement Campaigns were a series of campaigns launched by the Nationalist Government with the goal of destroying the developing Chinese Red Army during the early stage of Chinese Civil War betwen 1930 - 1934.

  1. For the first campaign, see First Encirclement Campaign
  2. For the second campaign, see Second Encirclement Campaign
  3. For the third campaign, see Third Encirclement Campaign
  4. For the fourth campaign, see Fourth Encirclement Campaign
  5. For the fifth campaign, see Fifth Encirclement Campaign

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