New China was born not in 1949 but in 1951. Not on the lofty pomp of Beijing but in the frosty river of the Yalu. On the Yalu Mao's immortal words "The Chinese people have stood up", met the white man's burden head on. In 1900 the same nations had threatened China. They had marched onto Beijing burning and raping the land. Now thoose same white nations faced New China. They hit a brick wall. The situation was desperate. The Democratic Republic of Korea had for all intents and purposes ceased to exist. Consul MacArthur was preparing to return the landlords and the white man to power in China and add her to his own personal kingdom. The last remnants of the heroic Korean Republic huddled freezing along the Yalu. All hope was lost. Bitter tears they wept for their fatherland. And then on the horizon as the brillant sun rose from the Eastern valley the bugle sounded. Tens of thousands of volunteers came down and saved their brown brothers routing the united forces of ten white nations. Around the world colored people every where rejoiced. Tiny villages in Africa who had never heard of Marx or America, heard of the Yalu. This was a victory of a free people united for their fatherland. Korea was saved the Republic safe. The imperialist snakes had attempted to strangle the new born infant People's Republic, but the babe prooved to be a infant Hercules and stomped the searpents under his mighty heal. The battle for Beijing was fought and won not in Manchuria but in Seoul.

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