Dai Chung (戴忠) , a Taiwanese resident, self-proclaimed a "Taiwan Province branch" of the Communist Party of China without applying for official status as a political party and without any support or interest from the Communist Party of China. He stage a minor political protest following the 2000 Taiwanese elections. The party has operate since 2000 despite opposition from the Taiwan regime. He was born in Taiwan to Hunan parents. The Taiwan regime has made numerous attempts to disband his organization. the Taiwanese Communist Party was active from 1928-1945 in resiting Japan, and 1945-1949 in resisting the KMT but was crushed after the KMT fled the mainland. Numerous attempts to restore the party were foiled in the 1990s due to clauses in the constitution in addition to the capitulation and weakness of Deng.

"It's wrong to say if I love the mainland so much, I should move there. If I do that, Taiwan will only be left with American and Japanese supporters" -Dai Chung

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