What use is preparing for a apocalyptic battle over a meaningless island? China's real future lies in its unexploited and untamed western fronteir. In the west China is actually a sparsely populated nation. It is in the west where even a simple peasent or laborer can find himself his forturne. The Chinese of the past could not conquer this forbidding land. But the new genrations of Chinese having both the technology and freedom loving spirit can take on the great challenge. Why plan out a dangerous war by sea when an entire continent awaits to be conquered by land? Inner Mongolia, New Fronteir, and tibet are waiting to be settled. Let the energies of the Chinese people be devoted to conquering the fronteir as America once was, and China shall emerge as freedom loving, energetic and powerful as america was during her most glorious years. In the mean time I suggest you put aside meaningless idle threats through a computer and work to improve your bodies so you may better serve your fatherland. I have included a link to a site that has free books from the early 20th century on how exerxises without expensive equipment can improve the body. But I digress. The point is England and America were once enemies but during the 19th century America learned that English domination of the seas was actually a good thing in that it meant that America could peacefully settle her fronteir and trade with the nations of the world without a huge military budget, China should follow the same example, american naval dominance assures China trade with the entire world and in the mean time there is a whole continent to be peacefully conquered. Why does China need to threaten any nation when it possesses such a large unused land resource.'sWildWest.PDF